wtf: methadone - what is the future? 

Learn from NCLM member Dr. Ruth Potee about how methadone is regulated in the United States and what can be done for reform

Doctors, not dealers

Read about the history of methadone in this long-form essay written by NCLM member Dr. Zoe Adams

Naturally noncompliant PODCAST

A show about people who stand in line and fight for safe supply This is the pilot episode of a podcast by and for people who are fighting for a safe supply of opioids in the United States. Methadone is the first frontier in this fight, and this show emphasizes the voices of patients and directly impacted people in that battle. The material for this show stems from the “Naturally Noncompliant” meeting that takes place every other Thursday and is organized by the National Survivors Union, the National voice of people who use drugs. 

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