about the nclm

Methadone saves lives, but outdated and punitive methadone policies cause harm. As the overdose crisis continues to ravage our families and communities, it is time for a change. The National Coalition to Liberate Methadone advocates for a more accessible and equitable methadone system that prioritizes patient health, promotes dignity, and is grounded in evidence.

Founded in 2022, the National Coalition to Liberate Methadone is a national organization made up of over a hundred people, including people with lived or living experience on methadone, advocates, addiction medicine clinicians, and substance use researchers across several U.S. states. NCLM members are active participants, providers, evaluators and clinical leaders of OTP clinics across the country, giving them deep expertise and commitment to improving the health of people on methadone. NCLM supports efforts to expand methadone treatment access for all individuals with opioid use disorder, as methadone has several decades of evidence supporting its efficacy in reducing morbidity and mortality, and improving quality of life and treatment retention. 

board of directors

Abby Coulter (she/her)

Aaron Ferguson (he/him)

David Frank (he/him)

Paul Joudrey (he/him)

Noa Krawczyk (she/her)

Caty Simon (she/her)

Leslie Suen (she/her)